Fiat 500 Abarth Confirmed at Fiat Freak Out

Laura Soave, the CEO of Fiat North America, stopped by the annual Fiat Lancia Unlimited club convention (Fiat Freak Out) last weekend in Asheville, North Carolina to help promote the brand face to face with enthusiasts. Among other announcements, Soave said that for the Fiat 500 Abarth US version, “she could have had just the engine, but wanted the whole package”! Great news for us Abarth fans, because this is yet another confirmation that the sport-tuned version of the 500 will be coming to the USA eventually.

  • trish brister

    Can’t wait, want this car asap.will you keep us posted, please? I am on this site at least 3 times/week, to see where and when the Abarth will available. I have had a lot of cars and this one will certainly be my next. will be looking for you —trish

  • simpixelated

    I will definitely keep you posted! I try to keep the FAQ updated with the latest release date information.