Why do I want a Fiat 500 Abarth?

My futurewife calls it a “fast clown car”. My mother was very surprised I would want something so “much rounder than my 300ZX“. While I can’t argue with the lack of a standard sports car profile on the Fiat 500, there’s just something about it that excites me. I’ll admit that the base model is a bit Beetle-ish and not necessarily any more exciting than a Smart Car, although it is Italian. But the Abarth version really hits the right notes for me. You probably already know about all the improvements and differences between the Fiat 500 and the Abarth version, I’ve attempted to cover it well enough myself, but what truly got my interest started in the car was its feature on Top Gear.

Being on Top Gear is essentially my main requirement for any car that I buy. If it wasn’t at least made fun of by Jeremy Clarkson, then I don’t want it. While of course he did poke fun at the Fiat 500’s pint-size aggression and Abarth’s absolutely mad history, he also did a much better job of explaining why I would want one:

Be sure to check out TopGear.com’s full review of the car.

  • Russell

    Such a cool car! Disappointed that Fiat didn’t release it in the Primo Editzione wave. I’d buy this in a heartbeat–and plan to… once it’s available.

  • Dave STR

    Im in Germany from the US and have a 2010 Abarth 500! Trust me you want this rocket of a fun car.
    My Abarth is white/red strips(rot kit estitico) 17inch Abarth wheels with the factory SS kit brakes. I also have the G-Tech ECU vice the SS 160hp ECU. G-tech is the premier tuner in Europe for this car. Its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more fun than the Cooper S I had in the US. Plus in Germany speed is life. I DO NOT miss US drivers or the ridiculous speed limits.
    This will be a great car in the US. I hope it gets there soon. You will not be able to enjoy it as i do …legally but its great no matter.

  • Qnickel27

    Chrysler grouped released a PSA saying that the US fiat 500 abarth will have 170hp stock so it will be able to compete with other entries in the american, market, that more HP than the essesse kit in europe!!

    • simpixelated

      Where did you see this PSA? I haven’t seen anything on their official press page.