Will you buy the 500 or wait for the Abarth?

Will you buy the 500 or wait for the Abarth?

Its a tough question, because it will hard waiting another year or more for the Fiat 500 Abarth to show up in the US. If demand is low, they could delay or even cancel their plans to bring it and the electric version as they have previously announced. I will definitely be taking the Fiat 500 for at least one test drive, if not many more. Having never even seen the car in person, I’m excited for the base model just to finally understand the proportions, feel the interior, and see how the car drives. If its that spectacular, I could see putting down the money for the car knowing I might be trading it in a year down the line for the amped-up Abarth.

What about you? Will you be getting one of the first Fiat 500s in the US, or will you hold out for the Abarth?

  • Claudio Ricciolini

    I can,t wait for the Abarth version , i think that they should have presented both at the same time.

    • simpixelated

      Totally agree. I wouldn’t even consider the Fiat 500 if not for the Abarth version. But I have heard more confirmation that it is “definitely” coming, just not sure when.

  • rextopher

    will wait for the abarth. if no abarth ever arrives, will be going down to the cooper s store. :)

  • abarthss94

    I won’t be buying either for a while, but eventually I will definitely get the Abarth (with SS kit).

  • Panda

    Stop messing about and get 170hp abarth here now. And bring turbo diesels for SUVs

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  • Fiat500lvr

    I love the power of the Abarth but like the beige interior and the fashionable style of the Gucci Edition Fiat. Im so confused between the two….