Abarth 695 Competizione

Abarth 695 Competizione

Abarth has a well established racing pedigree, so it is no wonder that they’ve chosen to release a track ready Fiat 500. Debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the 695 Competizione features a color matched rollbar replacing the back seats (which just so happens to increase the storage capacity of the hatch), lightweight Sabelt racing seats, and a large rear spoiler.

Powering the car is a 180 horsepower turbo engine (hopefully similar to what we’ll get in the US). Like the other special edition 500 from Frankfurt, the Cabrio Italia, the Competizione will also get a Brembo brake kit, Xenon headlights, and an upgraded exhaust. From the Tributo Ferrari it gets 17 inch rims which have been painted flat “titanium” gray to match the rest of the car.

The car will also feature the same lightweight racing seats as the Cabrio Italia, which are made by Sabelt and covered in black leather, red Alcantara, with a carbon fiber backrest.

Jalopnik fairly compares the 695 Competizione to the Porsche 911 RS and GT3 versions, which cost more for seemingly less features:

Fiat is still milking the trend that Porsche figured out a long time ago: when it comes to sporty cars with image, people will pay a whole lot more to get a whole lot less.

Despite the addition of all the features above, you will be missing a back seat at the very least, and possibly a lot of ride comfort as well. All that can be yours for the eye bursting price of $52,000! And I thought the Tributo Ferrari was expensive.

The good news is that should you be able to afford it, at least you won’t have to pay any import fees. According to Sergio Marchionne, the chairman of Fiat, the Competizione will be coming to the US in 2012.

In the video below, Abarth Chief Designer Ruben Wainberg highlights the features of both the Punto Supersport and the 695 Competizione (in the second half).

  • Geraldwgood

    How is this coming here in 2012 when we can’t even get a “regular” Abarth yet?  


      I thought that seemed a bit crazy, but if they release the Abarth in early 2012 (say March), maybe they’ll be able to release the Competizione by late 2012 (say September). I don’t think that’s impossible.

  • Geraldwgood

    I hope they really do get the Abarth out early in 2012.  I’m having a very difficult time waiting.  I’m gonna get one right away as long as the money situation is OK.  They better not screw us in the American market by softening it up a lot, taking out the sport seats and putting in lazy boy chairs, and in general ruining what I’ve heard is an amazing little hot hatch.

  • Peter Vella

    Worried about no back seat, ride comfort, and the price? Next we will hear about how GTIs and BMWs cost less. The Competizione is not a car for everyone. But if I had the money, that’s where I’d spend it.

    • Austin Bailey

      That is sad man. For 52 large, you could buy a regular 500, make it look exactly like this one, and still have enough money to build an engine that would smoke it. I mean, its supposed to be a track car. Just like I wouldn’t spend 10 gs extra on a 370z to go NIZMO. I could spend 3,500 on a twin turbo kit, outrun the guy down the street with the NIZMO, and still have enough money to set up the suspension.

  • Giusevasi

    is there anyway to get that same rear wing?


      Not currently, at least nowhere that I can find. But if it doesn’t become an option from Fiat, I’m betting an aftermarket company will offer up something similar soon.

  • Kenny

    not saying it isn’t nice, but just don’t see how you could get it to cost double!  brakes, roll-bar, chip, wheels, — all for $25K more.  ouch, the scorpion has struck!

    • Caribbeanautoglass

      I will be ordering my Abarth 500 next month,it will be red.Any one knows where to get a super chip for this car.It already does 0-60 in6.8 sec,but it can do more.My Maserati Grand Tourism o will now have a little sister.

      • Austin Bailey

        Is it for your little sister?

  • Austin Bailey

    Seriously? You would really have to love your girlfriend to buy her one of these. And if you aren’t buying it for her, then you are either A.) a quirky rich man who wants a toy for the track, or B.) a quirky rich homosexual, C.) a woman, or D.) an italian jockey.

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