Abarth Officially Announced

With the launch of the Fiat 500 fully underway, we’ve had months of silence from Fiat about the Abarth. Finally though, earlier this week, Fiat announced via Twitter:

The #FIAT 500 Abarth will be available in 2012 and there is currently no waiting list, though there are many excited fans waiting

Today, Head of Fiat Brand for North America, Laura Soave gave her “state of the union” address to Fiat fans at the Fiat FreakOut, during which she officially announced that the Abarth will be revealed at the LA Auto Show, which takes place in November. Exciting news indeed!

  • Geeded

    There’s a shock. An Abarth is coming….. Wow, big news there. Absolutely nothing new.


      True, nothing earth shattering, but at least Fiat is talking about the
      Abarth. I was starting to worry it wasn’t coming until 2016

  • Gumby4Mayor

    2012…..fall 2011? winter 2011? spring 2012? summer 2012 as a 2013 model?


      We probably won’t know for sure until November, but most likely for sale in spring or summer 2012 as a new 2013 model.

  • Denshou_ansari

    Too bad if we have to wait until 2016….why?

  • Cinquecentero

    I was going to perhaps settle for a 500, thinking the wait would be too long, but now I will have to wait for the abarth

    • HoltFiat

      The Abarth is going to be available sometime first quarter 2012. (Fiat Design Specialist here)

  • MM

    Well, they better get it here quick, or they are going to lose a lot of potential customers who will get the VW GTI or MINI Coupe or MINI Hatch. I would have liked it better if they would have started with the Abarth 500 and then slowly made the lesser powered 500’s available to the US; kind of like BMW does when they come out with a new model. This introduction is sure taking a loooooooooong time if you ask me. They have been showing the euro spec Abarth at the US Chrysler car shows for over a year now, only to drag on for another year. Yeah I know we are going to get a revised Abarth US model but come on, is this how Fiat expects to “capture” the premium small car market? I say it is taking too long. Fiat had better make sure they have enough available inventory when it does come out, or again they will lose potential buyers. WE have WAITED long enough, so we had better not have to wait when the car does finally hit the showrooms. I was all set on buying one of these cars but now other brands have come out with cars I am interested in. I hope I have the continued patience and interest to wait for this long overdue car. 


      As someone shopping for a car RIGHT NOW, I have to agree. I’ve been waiting for the Abarth for a long time! But, if the price is low enough, I think they should compete very well when they go on sale in early 2012. That’s not very far away! With the excitement they’ll generate from the auto show circuit, I think think people will be amped to buy.

  • Plakotarr

    U can buy mine… If you want 4000 miles on… I’ll send pictures if u ask

  • Fowave

    Im in Europe(Germany) Ive go the 2010 model. Im from US. The car is worth the wait. Trust me. Ive got the G-Tech ECU for it and the SS brake kit(factory). I love this car!!

    Dave from Stuttgart


    Latest news is February 2012 for the Abarth!