Abarth Superbowl “Seduction” Commercial

Abarth Superbowl “Seduction” Commercial

Although many would call the Jennifer Lopez campaign for the Fiat 500 “annoying”, Fiat seems to have started off on the right foot with the Abarth marketing. Their “Seduction” commercial is about a man lusting after an Abarth, to the point of imagining her as angry Italian woman. The model/actress is actually Romanian and her name is Catrinel Menghia (Google image search seems to be the definitive source for her work).

In just a week, the video has received over one million views on YouTube. Without spending a dime on TV time, I would call that a success for the Abarth. Hopefully that attention will turn into sales when the Abarth debuts in Fiat studios next year. In case you missed it, watch the video and scroll down for a translation via AutoEvolution.

Rough translation:

What are you looking at? Uh!?
What are you looking at?! (slap)
Are you undressing me with your eyes?
Poor guy… you can’t help it?
Is your heart beating? Is your head spinning?
Do you feel lost thinking that I could be yours forever?

Thanks to reader Sean for reminding me to post this!

  • B Turn2009

    I think most of the views are because of her, not necessarily the car.

    • Senore Marco

      Duh, can you think of a more effective way to get them to look at the car? This is advertising at its best.

  • Red

    So I hear that this ad was deemed “too raunchy” to air in the US.  No, seriously.  In the land that gives us Kardashians and Hiltons, a beautiful woman, fully clothed, playfully teasing a man to fall in love with a car is “too raunchy.”  Give me a break.

  • Gug

    I love this ad and this car.

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  • RIFiatGuy

    This is one of the best commercials I have seen in a long time. Fiat should make sure this gets played during the Super Bowl. Forget what you think about the car, this ad has all the elements of a huge hit and its up to the Super Bowl commercial standards! It will be one of the most talked about commercials. Isn’t that what advertising is all about.

    As for the car, its groundbreaking and unconventional.  There will be many people that are not ready to accept that its different.  Yes it’s small but it’s huge on attitude and style.  It is not a car that’s perfect for all situations but for its size, there is not much better on market. It won’t be the fastest on the road but you won’t find a car thats more fun to drive.

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  • Michaelangelo Verzosa

    We had about 20+ people watching the SuperBowl when this commercial came on.  Needless to say, it was very loud in the room.  When the commercial started, everyone stopped talking (including the girls) and watched – everyone trying to figure out what was being advertised.  I will always remember the FIAT 500 Abarth.  This was advertising at it’s best.

    • Anonymous

      I strongly disagree, the “call to action” in the SuperBowl version, at the end of the commercial, directs you “to find out a translation of what she said, go online”. Try googling any number of variations to see where it comes up…nowhere. Poorest example of SEO I’ve ever seen, especially considering how much money they likely spent on the campaign. Hopefully they fix this quickly. They are losing out on a lot of momentum that would drive people to their brand. It may be a sexy commercial, but what’s the point if you can’t deliver what you promise? Even if it is just a translation, people will be frustrated that they couldn’t find it an move on to something else. Advertising is supposed to drive traffic to your business, this is a perfect example of a missed opportunity.

      • Jkszoc

        I think you completely missed the point…completely. Have you ever even driven a sports car?

        • DarlingS

          No, you’ve completely missed the point. Advertising should serve a purpose, if the ad directs you to do something or go somewhere for more information, then the person watching it should actually be able to DO that. If the consumer is not able to do accomplish the action then the company has essentially wasted its money. And yes, I’ve driven a sports car. My comment was regarding the efficacy of their campaign, not the impact of the ad.

          • Md74vw

             I think you’re wrong. There is more than one goal of a good commercial..and this is a good commercial. A good commercial makes you WANT something. People are smart enough to figure out the rest.

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  • Pauljpeterson101

    My favorite take on it was from a columnist who rated it in the 5 worst Superbowl ads. And then he had no idea why Fiat would call it an ‘Abarth’!
    Can you say “CLUELESS”?

  • Jon Andersen

    This ad is funny and runs to the core of what a man feels for a car that he loves.
    It’s crazy, but true. If you don’t have passion for what you are driving? I feel sorry for you.
    But, not everyone loves cars. You either do or you don’t. Maybe, you’re just born with it.

  • Gregory Burton

    Does anyone know the artist/group that is the background music to this video?

    • Bluiewest1

      The singer is (stage name) Haley Willis, tune is Smokescreen. It is on You Tube  

  • Jay Mac

    who is the guy? whats his name?

    • Jimsplace1942

      Uhhh….what guy??? LOL

  • Redfinsurf

    I’m very curious to get the actual Italian verbiage (not the English translation), sounds so cool listening to it. Can someone post it? Thanks!

    • darkabs

      There you go:

      Che cosa guardi, eh?
      Che cosa guardi? (slap)
      Mi stai spogliando con gli occhi!?
      Non puoi farne a meno .. poverino!
      Ti batte il cuore? Ti gira la testa?
      Sei perso pensando che sarò tua per sempre?

  • darkabs

    Her accent is anyway definitely strange; (if you’re italian) you can easily tell she’s not italian.
    Before knowing she’s romanian, i would have said she’s spanish or argentinian..

    • Lamberto

       Huh,,, you obviously do not speak fluent Italian.  Although she is Romanian, her Italian is extremely perfect and an Italian living in Italy could not catch an accent, as I could not.  The person speaking English, if it is her, has a full Italian accent.. similar to my native Italian friends that have learned English in their later years.   Easily tell she’s Italian… I’m sure you say this only after learning she was Romanian…