An Italian Fashion Accessory?

An Italian Fashion Accessory?

That’s right ladies, the Fiat 500 isn’t just for men! I’ve already seen various websites reporting on Chrysler marketing the Fiat 500 to women. Auto Guide reports that an upscale store in Brigmingham, Michigan called Trender, recently received a visit from a Chrysler representative during an event focused on Italian designers. Quite the strategic timing for the Fiat 500 to work it’s way into the hearts of fashionable women. Of course women are going to love the Fiat 500. Not only is it tiny and cute, but quite the fashion accessory!

Although I am a woman, I was never into the smaller cars like the Volkswagen Beetle or Mini Cooper S. I will admit when I was first introduced to the Fiat 500 I thought it looked a bit like a clown car, but I can definitely say: it’s growing on me. Being so small it makes parking a breeze. Most women I know, even though they’d NEVER admit it, can’t parallel park to save their lives. Aside from being cute and easy to park, it comes with an extremely affordable price tag of just $17,800, according to Even fully loaded with all the bells and whistles, it’s still only with $25,000. Not bad at all for a brand-new vehicle.

Now let’s talk about the Abarth version. Chrysler hasn’t officially announced if an American version of this peppy car will be making it’s debut this year. As a woman, I sincerely hope it does. Although the Fiat 500 is cute and affordable, as it stands it’s lacking some horsepower. I very much enjoy cruising around in my Volkswagen GTI, and would hate to sacrifice size AND power to upgrade to the Fiat 500.

All that being said I can’t wait to finally see one in person. I think it will be the perfect Italian fashion accessory for every woman!

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    A woman in a Ferrari makes my head turn. A woman on a Vespa makes me drool. A woman in a short skirt getting out of a Fiat makes me lose my mind. It’s an Italian thing, I guess.