Even Barbie Loves the Fiat

You can imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this little gem today. After a few chuckles and some further investigation I found that a real Fiat, made for Barbie, actually exists! Being a big fan of the color pink, especially pink cars, I was ecstatic. Not only is the exterior a shockingly beautiful pink color, but the interior is made of soft and silky pink fabric seats with a few glamorous touches. The glove box contains various color lip glosses and the LED vanity mirror makes make-up application a breeze! The final over the top touches include crystals in the hubcaps, interior bezels, window moldings, and the antenna. Of course when Barbie isn’t driving her new Fiat, there is a sixties themed car cover, garnished with an official autograph from Barbie herself. I can only hope that someday Barbie might bring her fabulous pink Fiat overseas, so I can take it for a spin! Or maybe I can coax Fiat USA to make me one of my own!

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  • Maxine

    I have to have one!