Fiat 500 Abarth will get 170hp in the US!

Fiat 500 Abarth will get 170hp in the US!

Chrysler Media has released detailed information on two of the new engines they’re integrating into the 2010-2014 lineup, thanks to Fiat. We already know about the 100hp, 4 cylinder, 1.4 liter Multiair engine available in the base Fiat 500, but what’s truly exciting is the turbo version putting out a whopping 170hp (and 170 lb.-ft. of torque)! That’s 45 more horses than the European Abarth and even 10 more than the Esseesse! They don’t mention it in the press release, but with the Abarth confirmed for the US, it’s obvious this will be the engine being used to power it.

The Multiair engine by Fiat is an amazing, award-winning piece of machinery. Chrysler describes what makes it unique:

Both versions of the 1.4-liter FIRE feature four valves per cylinder and incorporate state-of-the-art technology for Fully Variable-valve Actuation (FVVA), also known as Multiair. Fiat’s Multiair technology significantly reduces emissions, while improving fuel economy and power. This sophisticated electro-hydraulic variable-valve actuation technology delivers an increase in power up to 10 percent, an improvement in low rpm torque up to 15 percent and a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions up to 10 percent when compared with similar engines without the technology.

According to Fiat 500 USA, the power output of the turbo version (124hp/liter) is actually one of the highest power ratios in the world. It’s also the same engine in the recently unveiled MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde.

While 170hp might not seem like much compared to the 300+ you get from most modern sports cars, it’s the power to weight ratio that really matters. The tiny Fiat 500 comes in at a much lower curb weight than it’s competitors, like the Mini Cooper and Volkswagen GTI. The European Abarth weighs in at just 2282lbs! Which, if specced with the US engine would give it a power:weight of 1:13.4. To compare, the 2010 GTI is 1:16, and the 2011 Mini Cooper S is still only 1:14.7. Unfortunately all those extra features and safety equipment in the US Abarth will no doubt weight it down, but I hope it can still retain it’s edge over the other sporty hatchbacks.

  • Russ

    According to Motor Trend’s most recent test a couple of days ago, the Abarth is expected to have 150bhp.

    • simpixelated

      With apologies to MotorTrend, it’s hard to imagine why Chrysler would release specs for a turbo version of the current Fiat 500 engine and then remove 20hp from that. But, perhaps the 150hp is for the “Abarth” version and 170hp is for the “Abarth SS”.

  • Dom

    The Abarth should only be called 500 sport, too many label dilute the effort.

    • abarthusa

      While I agree that most cars could do with 1-2 fewer trim levels, the 500 included, Abarth carries a performance cache, racing pedigree, and straight up awesome logos that I wouldn’t want to be dropped with the name.

  • Floyd

    True that. No one ever complained that there was a “Shelby GT500 CobraJet’ instead of just a Mustang “GT”. Abarth is/was the Italian Shelby. Making hot versions of pedestrian cars. I still can’t afford a Shelby but I CAN afford an Abarth…. and will own one.


  • abarthusa
  • Kenny

    Nice — my Euro buds will be SO jealous.  I will buy this car!

  • FiatCo.

    no Abarth ss in us market, hp is 165. Abarth is an outside company from Fiat almost like Roush and Ford thus it does not get a model name such as Sport, pricing is expected to be right under $30,000


    Possible confirmation of 160hp / 200 hp upgraded version

  • lorenzo

    everyone seems really confused about the HP this thing will have.  Above on this Fiat Sponsored blog, it says 170.
    I assume that is true.
    I also assume, that you will be able to increase that by adding an Esse Esse kit.

  • Silver3scorpion

    Seriously will anyone, other than girls wanna own this vehicle….”let’s be honest who is really excited about this go-kart?” It might do well in japan, but in america I cannot imagine any other scenario than pinto or gremlin intro and bash.  
    Personally I would rather own a mini or “2” if I needed economy, even a fiesta stands heads above this in asthetic apeal.
    I seriously want to meet the designers and marketing group. And putting JLo in a commercial with this product will not aid in it’s presentation.

    “kinda reminds me of a stunted VW bug!”

    • Eric

      I am totally excited for this.  I drove the standard one in Europe and loved it.  This car seems like a blast to drive, great on gas/emissions, and has a cool retro look.  Oh, and I’m a 6’6” male athlete who currently owns a 4×4 truck.

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  • Hearne Christopher

    It’s so tiresome reading pseudo manly-man comments from dudes that assume only “girls” would own a 500. Nearly half of Mini buyers are women, and I’ll wager when it comes to the non Cooper S model that number is even higher.

    And what’s with comparing 2013 model year cars like the Abarth to Ford Pintos and AMC Gremlins? Talk about dating yourself as out-of-it.

    And as for the women bashing, my 14 year-old daughters, 30-something girlfriend all like the J Lo ads. Something wrong with women buyers? That’s not Old School, that’s Out of it School. The days of just the dudes bringing home the bacon are over. Women can vote, buy stuff they like and are sought after by most companies with stuff to sell.

    Unless you’re talking about the ManGroomer or something.

  • Danny

    My 2012 abarth is almost all around awsome……I drive 84 miles a day so the 10.5 gal gas tank gets old. I would love an aftermarket tank with 15 or 20 gallons!!!