Road Race Motorsports is well-known and well-respected in the automotive world for both racing victories and for the products the company has designed. Robert Tallini, owner and founder of Road Race Motorsports, has worked since the company’s inception in 2000 to merge his successful career in racing with his passion for creating products for street cars.

More than 20 years of racing experience have given Tallini the technical background to generate new ideas for practical car products. He is also uniquely qualified to develop high-performance parts for a variety of car models.

RRM has built several project cars and race cars over the last several years. Tallini’s focus for the company has been to offer proven products to consumers—products that have been created and manufactured by Road Race Motorsports as well as parts from trusted after-market companies.

Recently, RRM has decided to enter the Fiat 500 aftermarket. Due to their racing background, the Club///Sportivo has already been featured on Jay Leno’s Garage and will soon be in Road & Track magazine!

The company has developed three kits for the sporty subcompact car, each of which contains high-performance parts and modifications designed to give Fiat owners improved acceleration, braking, handling, and—of course—looks. Kit items can be purchased individually. Or, customers can opt to have a turn-key car built by RRM.

Fiat 500 — Stage 1 Club Sportivo Custom Kit

This kit is designed to work on all models of the 500. The components of this kit will both enhance and transform the car.

Contents of this kit include:

  • Eibach Pro Kit Springs:  This spring system lowers the car’s center of gravity and allows the vehicle to corner faster and get better mileage. With the Eibach Pro-Kit, drivers are able to enjoy excellent ride quality and handling.
  • RRM – Corsa Dyno Tuned Intake:  This intake gives close to a 10% increase in usable power, making the Fiat feel like a race car. With it installed, drivers can expect to hit 40mpg. This intake was researched, developed, and dynoed for weeks and after 4 different prototypes, RRM came up with the best system for the 1.3 liter U.S. engine. Check out a video of the intake installation by RRM.
  • Club Sportivo Brake Pads:  Designed for Road Race by StopTech, these pads deliver shorter stopping distances with less pedal effort. Quiet, high-quality, and long-lasting—perfect for the Fiat 500.
  • Scroth Rally Seat Belt Harness:  Two harness kits are included, one each for the driver side and the front passenger side of the car.
  • Club Sportivo Gold Stripe Kit:  Made of the best 3M vinyl with micro holes, this stripe can be easily installed by anyone. It has been created to enhance the shape of the Fiat.

The Stage 1 Kit is priced at $1269.00.

Fiat 500 — Stage 2 Club Sportivo Custom Kit

Take the Fiat 500 to the next level with this kit, which includes all of the upgrades from the Stage 1 Kit. But this package contains one extra product:

  • RRM Corsa Exhaust System:  Road Race used the best components to create this system. Quiet at cruising speeds, yet with a touch of Euro sound, this unit is ideal for the Fiat. Stainless steel and aluminum provide durability, while the staggered and angle cut dual tips provide incredible style.

The Stage 2 Kit is priced at $1799.00.

Fiat 500 — Stage 3 Club Sportivo Custom Kit

This is the ultimate upgrade kit for the Fiat 500. Any car enthusiast would be pleased to have this package installed on his Fiat!

The Stage 3 Kit includes all of the components of the Stage 2 Kit—but, it comes with more:

  • Fiat 500 Corsa Camber Kit:  Correct any front-end camber issues with this suspension kit, which also works to allow for proper tire contact for extreme loads.
  • Choice of Wheel 15 x 8 and Tire Combo:  Available in Gold, Matte Black, or Polished, the wheels from Road Race are machined specifically for the Fiat 500. Lighter than stock wheels, these wheels deliver improved handling and braking.

For the price of the Stage 3 Kit, call Road Race Motorsports.

These kits from Road Race Motorsports will deliver more power, better handling, and improved acceleration and braking. And, of course, these kits will boost the looks of any Fiat 500. So while you can’t get an Abarth just yet, you can get something very close with the help of RRM.