The Price of a Fiat 500 Abarth

The Price of a Fiat 500 Abarth

Update: official price announced!

For those waiting for an Abarth version of the Fiat 500, just how much it will cost is a very important piece of information. The current MSRP on the absolute cheapest 2012 Fiat 500, the Pop, is $15,500. The Sport and Lounge however are priced at $17,500 and $19,500 respectively. With a significant upgrade on power, handling, and many tweaks to the interior and exterior of the car, you can expect the Abarth to be a premium upgrade over the Sport. Typically, the performance version of most coupe cars (think Mustang GT, Cooper S, Golf GTI) are a $4k to $6k upgrade over the base model.

With that in mind we can expect the Abarth to be in the range of $19,500 to $21,500.

Lets look at the UK prices for comparison. The MSRP on a Fiat 500 Pop is about $17,800 (after conversion). The Abarth weighs in at $23,700 (converted), making the difference in price $5,900, or about $6k. Assuming an equal difference for the US spec Abarth, we can expect it to be $6k more than the Pop, putting the MSRP at $21,500, right at the top of our expected range. With the 2011 Mini Cooper S starting at $23,000, this would make the Abarth very competitive in value.

Do you think the Abarth should be priced lower or higher than $21,500?

  • Floyd

    This is a very well reasoned post. I hope you’re right. I actually believe you’re correct as any higher would be too close to the Mini S.

    OTOH, if they are planning on selling it as a low producton, high-zoot “restricted” vehicle it may be higher.

    I’m hoping you’re correct though!


    • Thsu2

      I just feel that given Fiat’s prolonged absence from U.S. markets, Fiat is gonna start out selling small numbers of the Abarth in the U.S., especially since there’s less of a typical Fiat consumer in the U.S.. So there looking for a niche of people to fall in love with the fiat, rather than a big group. But I hope there right at 21,500 or less.

  • Thsu2

    They should keep it below 21,500. Seeing as the fiat 500 had viral success in Europe they should look to sell a high number of these cars. If they can undercut the cooper they’ll be successful, however, given the price of the base Pop, I feel like there going to charge almost as much as a Cooper, which is why the fiat wont sell as much in the us. I hope they realize that the U.S. isn’t like Europe, and that if they charge say 23-24k, people will keep purchasing GTIs and Speed3s and WRXs instead of the Abarth. I however can’t wait to get an AbarthSS, or an Alfa Mito if they come out in the U.S.

  • cfb

    No one beats the Fiat Abarth, seriously. The Cooper S is a very well made car, but when we bring in Italian racing and style, I thin those Bavarians out of the water.

    • Porsche Bill

      I saw my first Fiat 500 yesterday prd right next to a Cooper S…   The Fiat wins on design, fit/finish, interior height, and as you say, “Italian racing and style”… 

      I’d buy one. 

    • Goombah

      Bavarian?? Me thinks the cooper is English?? Abarth should catch a reasonable share of the market IF they can be competitive in price, and service availability.

  • Anonymous

    How much horsepower will it have? I read somewhere that the US won’t get the 135hp mill and will instead be receiving a 170hp engine. At $21,500 that would be a compelling case.

  • Fowave

    Im in Germany from the US and I have a euro spec Abarth with 170 hp. Its a great road rocket and worth every penny of 21,500$ if that is going to be the price. Mine was right at 20,000 euros. I love it!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Roggio

    For me, it depends on content. Satellite radio? Navigation? LSD? Leather? Cooled seats? If the Abarth can have the content of a Hyundai Sonata (Ha!, I can’t believe I’m saying that…but, I’m serious) then I think it’s worth the money.

  • Gaarfieldcat

    I just hope they put the horsepower at close to 200 HP.

  • Faisal Khayat

    add a navigation system please! we are in 2011 for gods sake

    • Kaylacdebaca18

      A navigation system is available. And you’d think for being in 2011 you’d have a smartphone to navigate you anywhere…

      • AbarthNow

        The nav that Fiat offers is a joke: why not a nice in dash unit? Not all of us want an expensive phone… we are looking at Fiats after all!

  • Dorky6941

    I drove a pop yesterday and was unimpressed with the 100 hp.1st and 2nd gear were enjoyable but became almost dangerous with the a/c on and + 2 adults getting on the fwy. The turn in is great and the car rotates quite quickly with a little bit of throttle lift in a corner. I would love the abarth and would adore the abarth r3t but that will never happen. It is obvious though the difference between the cooper and fiat with fit and finish. The cooper is a well made small bmw… the fiat reminds me of a cute ford focus as far as fit and finish goes.. I think with anything more than 150 whp the fiat will be a great car all i would ask for is a lsd and maybe a bit firmer suspension.

  • Jenaro45


  • Andy Kimia

    Fair price, depends on the color variations and options that the lower models don’t have.

  • Eddenice324

    If the limited production Ferrari Edition 500 ever hits the US shores at $38k to $40k than this one would have to be at @ $21k or little lower.
    Granting Fiat enthusiast and collectors will sweep up the very first batch of Abarth, it would still be a lower production vehicle like the VW GTI R32. and would make perfect sense for Fiat not charge high amount of money for it, because the creative designers and engineers at Fiat have always made their cars stand out and if you want have a foot hold in the US market again, you have to do lots of special offers such as lower price, better customer service, extended warranty of 6 or 7 years instead of 3. push to 100,000 miles no major service. free oil change at 25,000 miles & 50,000 miles. built parts that last longer than Honda and Hyundai. and that’s a drop of incentive you can provide to surpass other car makers in the US market, because Fiat is huge in other parts of the world, but we are spoiled with our needs and he whom provides the best service is the best.

  • Coglioni

    I hope you’re right. I was thinking the price range would be around the same as the Lounge trim level.

  • JL Serkes

    I am in. Bring it on. Abarth CC.

  • Wardgg

    I agree that Fiat needs to keep price for the Abarth at $21500 or less and make avaiable as soon as possible in usa,i do not understand why it is not in their line up now,especially since they really only have the one base car to choose from.

  • Plakotarr

    Around 24000

  • Youcanrunnaked

    I hope FIAT will keep the price under $20,000.  A $19,500 price will undercut the Cooper S by enough to steal lots of sales from Mini.  A $21,500 price is too close to the Cooper S price to do that.  I think FIAT will be making a big mistake if they treat this like a limited-edition car and price it like one.  They need to make a big splash to convince people they are here to stay.  Look at what happened with the Mustang GT.  When it was last redesigned, it was bargain-priced and sold like hotcakes; more than half of all Mustang sales were the GT.  Now that the price has gone up considerably, GT sales have slumped.

  • Gpg996

    I think that fiat should bring the abarth as soon as possible and keep the price as low as possible also, otherwise consumers would buy the mini cooper which is more well know in the United States.

  • Originalkontrol

    Add one to keeping the price down. How about omitting some of the non-performance items from the Lounge, and focus on the performance for those of us who care most about that, and thus keeping the cost down? Or at least making this an option. I also agree that once the price gets much above $20k you start getting close to the territory of much higher performing (although admittedly not really the same genre) cars, and the novelty of the 500 starts to dim in my opinion. Also, I think Fiat needs to re-establish itself in this country with better reliability than it left with to help justify bigger pricing. That being said, the Abarth is def on my possible future car list.

    • A-typical American

      Thank you for saying it. I want a car that is JUST a car. Turbocharge my engine – sport seats that aren’t lined with a dead animal – a steering wheel – and a gearbox I row myself. I don’t need blue teeth or a computer navigation that tries to get me back to Rome… I want a pure driving experience that when I get lost I don’t care because I am having that much fun. If FIAT builds that I will buy it

  • Aschank25

    I bet it comes in at least $6000 more than the Sport, which starts at 17,500 .  $23,500 is my guess.  there are some Lounge versions on the dealer lots over $20,000 already.  no way the Abarth is only going to be $1000 more than a lounge.Actually, there are a lot of 500’s at the local dealer with asking prices over $20,000 already. 


      I have a feeling you may be right. However, keep in mind that the Abarth comes standard as a fixed roof in Europe and so there is a “lounge” convertible version of the Abarth that would obviously be more expensive than the normally aspirated 500 Lounge.

  • Snkdnny7obrn

    the same or lower but no higher what kind of question is that

  • Msantoro1298

    I personally do think that the fiat should be a little less expensive- but what is important is them staying alive- fiat should attempt to make profits so they can stay in the u.s.

  • oldironhead

    Lower! Why not? Paying lower for more is always a win situation for the consumer. However, realistically speaking, that price isn’t a bad starting price. Can’t wait to see the Abarth at FIAT of Creve Coeur in St. Louis! 8^)

  • kbob

    I’m in the minority.  I want Fiat to charge enough that they can build a quality car.
    The base 500 feels cheap in a lot of ways.  I question whether $21,500 is enough.

    My wife and I waited 18 months to test drive a 500, and when we finally
    got the opportunity, we were underwhelmed.  We ordered a Mini Cooper S
    shortly after.

    The base 500 is cute and well packaged.  It could become quite the cult car.
    But the interior feels cheap, and it needs a serious power upgrade.  Fiat needs
    to compete with Mini on quality, not price.

    • Kaylacdebaca18

      You are comparing a base 500 with a mini s.. how about a fair comparison? The base 500 comes standard with power features, bluetooth, free maintenance, etc which is better quality than the base mini whose base price is 5k more. Not to mention, it requires premium fuel and servicing more often.

  • Medinabrit

    Cant wait to see them here.

  • N8xBfan4Life

    They need to start around $15,000. This is a two-door, not well known, SMALL car. I could get a way better car for $23,000. With everything. Look at the prices of other “small” cars. Scion starts theirs around $15,000 and they are still a rarity. I bought mine for $7,000 xb 2005 like new. This little car needs a little price. That being said, this car looks awesome! Like a better looking smart car.

    • A_ALEX_2

      What scion is it that is 15000???? Before I bought the car I looked at scion and they were close to 18000. The dealer told me that their prices were fixed and they would not even come down a penny.

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  • Mattp123

    considering you can get a “real car” with 4 doors, and room for people and cargo, and still get better gas mileage [40+ mpg] (focus, elantra, jetta tdi, cruze eco) for between 17 for the elantra at the low end and about 24 for the jetta on the high end, this fiat needs to be cheaper. the other cars i mentioned offer an established reputation and better warranties. the only advantage i see with the 500 is parkability in dense urban areas and the driving dynamic (abarth). styling is a matter of preference.


      While a 4 door does obviously give you more room for passengers, the Fiat 500 still offers a considerable amount of cargo space. I’ll admit, if the price is higher than $24, it will be tough to swallow. The Fiat 500 and the Abarth especially are definitely “lifestyle” choices. There may be better cars in terms of pure numbers, but if everyone always chose their cars based on MPG and price, we’d all be driving the same car. Sometimes people just like cars that unique.

  • Jwsva

    The Gucci MSRP is 23,500 I would expect the Abarth to be 25,500

  • Bill Julius

    The Fiat 500  is overpriced by approximately $2,000. Fiat maybe of the opinion that their competitor is the Mini. However,the real competition is the Mazda 2 and the Ford Fiesta. The Mazda 2 has a curb weight of 2300 lbs and a 100hp motor. The Sport model including destination is $14,700. The Ford product weighs approximately 200lbs more and provides near 20 hp more with a price even less then the Mazda 2. The Mazda/Ford products are the better buy when considering the dealer network and the respective companies involved with the design.

    The price including destination for the “Abarth” should be $18,000. This year Ford will market a performance model of the Fiesta. Bet it will not see $20,000 including destination . The Fiat 500 is already dead. Another model will bring limited if any success.

  • abarthbuyer

    $21,500 seems reasonable, but just. At that price I’d definitely buy one.  Any higher and it doesn’t seem worth it. Mini Cooper S is overpriced. Any car in this catergory should be $20000 + or – a grand.

  • Jonesron

    22700 not to bad!

  • Mike

    Yet another thing to think about; the Abarth is also selling against USED Mini Cooper S’s. There are no used Abarths yet, but lots of MINIs. And if the rumors I have heard are true, and dealers can add a “premium” to the price if the Abarths become popular, FIAT will shoot themselves in both feet.

  • turn 3

    I have abarth on order w/ the options it’s up to 26,900…….and at that price I question, what the hell am I thinking…….the final decision will be on how it drives…..and that better be surprising 

  • Revjacques77

    When i lived in Europe, i had 3 different fiats and drove even more..The most pathetic piece of crap i ever was forced to endure

    • brian lee

      If they were so bad.Why did you buy 3 of them?

  • Joms Viking

    Be careful here, this is a country where you can get a base model 300 hourse Powr Mustang for that price, its bigger gets about the same gas mileage and has dealerships in every town, not o mention the Hyudia Excellerator.  Even theJapanenese (think Scion) are having a hard time hanging with the South Koreans.  besids the US companies have rally up their game, my Cousin, his wife and Daughter all traded their BMW M-3s for Mustang GTs wit 5.0 engines.

    The build quality is really great and I would like to add a new Mustang GT  to the Garage and if they can keep the price real a Fiat 500 Arbath as a second car (already got a Cooper S nd it has becom kind of ho hum).

    Keep the price real and get some cars out on the road in the hands of young people and the Arbath will be a sucess.  Just member this is a very competitive market.

  • Ericthegray1

    Chevy has their top of the line turbo charged sonic at $17,500. I would buy the abarth at that price or a thousand more. Until the price has been decided, the Sonic RS is coming in October of this year, with a better gear ratio, tuned suspesion and exhaust, and an improved body design. Im sure the price will be under 20 grand due to Chevy’s desperation to sell autos. Fiat would be smart to sell a very base turbo charged model because most people who are into speed and performance arent really concerned about luxery components. U.S. auto makers were making “poverty” model muscle cars in the 1960’s and early 70’s, i think that idea should be brought back for the mid-class wage earners.  

  • thomas

    I think it should be priced lower

  • Bob

    From my experience with the Fiat some years ago, I hope it is much more reliable as it was.There was a joke about Fiat back then; F-I-A-t;[ Fix it again Tony!}