200 HP Abarth Venom

200 HP Abarth Venom

A few weeks ago in Las Vegas, at an event designed to preview the soon to be released Fiat 500 Abarth, Fiat revealed the Abarth Venom concept. Like Darth Vader’s TIE fighter, the Venom is black, compact, sleek, and mean looking. With a name like the Venom, it had to be vicious. While the Abarth Venom will likely never come off the production line, that does not mean that you cannot incorporate some of the weight saving and performance-enhancing features into your own Abarth.

The Venom owes its lightweight and power enhancements to Magneti Marelli, Fiat’s own part supplier, similar to Mopar for Chrysler in America. Magneti Marelli’s contributions to the Abarth Venom are extensive.

First, they reduced the weight of the car by approximately 200 pounds. They accomplished this feat by incorporating carbon fiber throughout the car and using new lightweight wheels in favor of the standard wheels. In the interior, the dashboard trim and seatbacks are made from the lightweight carbon fiber. On the exterior, the hood, fascia elements, and splitter are constructed of a more durable version of carbon fiber.

On the performance side, Mopar and Marelli managed to increase the Abarth’s horsepower by 25-percent, upping it from 160 to 200 HP. They accomplished this by adding an electronic boost controller and installing a dual-mode exhaust system that is reminiscent of the Record Monza system commonly seen in special edition Abarths like the Maserati and Ferrari Tributo.

Well as cool as a concept car is, the lingering question is will it make it into production? Well, the Abarth Venom as a production line model will not happen, but there is some hope that the parts used to make these modifications to the Abarth will find their way to an auto store near you. The parts will likely be branded as Mopar parts since Marelli is a Mopar supplier. There is no specific date for the release of these new parts, but none of the modifications seen on the Venom are out of the norm for Mopar or Marelli. They have introduced similar modifications to the market before.

Editor’s note: Magneti Morelli does sell an ECU tuning chip for Fiat 500 Abarth which will net you most of the power improvements from the Venom. See SR Auto Group’s Project Scorpione for another example of a modified abarth using MM parts.

Abarth lovers should hope that this accessories and modifications make it to the consumer market. As fun as the Abarth is to drive, an Abarth that is 200 lbs lighter and 200 HP would be even more fun.

Image source: Car and Driver.