New Abarth Commercial Featuring Charlie Sheen

New Abarth Commercial Featuring Charlie Sheen

Fiat is continuing to push the boundaries with their marketing campaign for the Fiat 500 Abarth, this time with a new commercial featuring supermodel Catrinel Menghia and actor Charlie Sheen. The newest slogan: “Not all bad boys are created equal.”

A bit of an homage to this lunatic? I’d say so.

  • usd2ownajcw

    I like it. Abarth is off to a good start in creating an image for this car.

  • tpaul

    Loved the commercial – UNTIL CHARLIE SHEEN came out of the car.  What a let down – 

  • Easydancer

    The hot Italian girl….Smokin!!!  Charlie???…Not on your life. I know your point he is a bad boy, but I cannot support anything that promotes him or that he promotes.  Sorry.  I love the car…saw it at the KC Auto Show.

  • Yadavlax

    I like how Charlie steps out of the car wearing an ankle monitor.  But once again Catrinel makes the commercial.  Hope she continues with Fiat.

  • rwoolcott

    So bummed. I think so much of Fiat and I was so interested until now. Why Charlie Sheen? I get a demographic but really? Charlie Sheen? Back to looking at Mini Cooper