Fiat 500 Abarth ECU Tuning

Fiat 500 Abarth ECU Tuning

Read the updated 2014 guide to Fiat 500 Abarth ECU Tuning!

An engine’s tuning has a tremendous amount to do with its overall performance. Alternate tuning and aftermarket add-ons can expand the horsepower of an engine and substantially increase the engine’s power. Even high-performing cars that already exhibit a considerable amount strength and torque can benefit from these types of upgrades. The Fiat 500 Abarth is a shining example of how an already incredible piece of machinery can raise its game even further.

Just like any other aftermarket product, not all ECU tuning kits are created equal. The two main options for Fiat 500 Abarth ECU tuning are made by Magneti Marelli (the same one used in the 200 HP Abarth Venom) and TMC. The Abarth ECU engine modules that they offer increase power and enhance performance in ways that are uniquely tailored for the components of the Fiat 500. These modules are easy to install and can be put in place by any certified professional for minimal cost or the enthusiastic amateur with moderate experience under the hood. Only the most basic tools are necessary in order to have your Fiat engine roaring like it never has before.

The numbers solidify the case when looking at the potential of the ECU system. For the average Fiat 500 running at 91 octane, you can expect to be working with horsepower in the 155 range. However, the addition of the Abarth ECU system installed on an engine with the same specs and no other modifications leaves you working with and average of 188 horsepower. Some tests have even yielded results in which the engine was kicked up to 196 horsepower. The range of horsepower available to you after installation depends only on the settings you choose with your ECU module upon installation.

Of course, owners taking advantage of this aftermarket add-on should not feel that they are limited to this one piece of additional equipment. Drivers who install the unit in addition to some other performance-enhancing equipment have gotten their Fiat 500 up to numbers above 202 horsepower. The amount of power that comes with this minor upgrade is a bargain when cost becomes an issue. The average price for the Abarth ECU engine modules is under $800. These units also have the added benefit of coming with a radio remote control, putting the potential horsepower of your engine at any given moment completely in your hands. There is no more dynamic, effective, or affordable system out there designed to work with the Fiat 500.