Accessories by Hot Fiat

The Fiat 500 emerged into the U.S. market amid much anticipation. Now that the favorable reviews for this compact, whimsical car are in, the general consensus is that the Fiat 500 is a keeper. In 2010 was created as an online store for parts and accessories specifically geared towards the Fiat 500, to allow drivers to give their 500 it’s own unique style.

The inventory at is constantly growing and currently consists of a unique supply of mechanical parts, custom accessories, and high-end car care products. The staff at are Fiat 500 aficionados.  They have first-hand experience as owners of this Fiat charmer-both vintage and new. What makes them different, is their innovation. They have combined their love of the Fiat 500 with their passion for sports and racing cars to create specialized suspension, exhaust, and engine parts that will transform any Fiat 500 into a high performing race car. The final result is a car that combines the body and economical aspect of the Fiat 500 with the handling and feel of a race car.

A small sampling of accessories available at that will enhance your Fiat 500 are:

The Hot Fiat Luigi Sun Shade

Inspired by Luigi, the affable character from the movie Cars and Cars 2, comes this whimsical windshield shade.  This fun sun shade is custom cut for complete sun protection. The sun shield helps minimize damage to the car’s interior by blocking damaging UV rays. Made of well insulated tri laminate material that includes a highly reflective outer shell, a temperature insulating layer, and a soft inner liner.  This shield also helps to lower interior temperature on hot days.


Custom Dashboard Covers

Although protected by the front windshield, car dashboards are still susceptible to deterioration and damage. These custom covers made to fit every Fiat 500 beautifully protect dashboards from damage caused by fluctuating temperature moisture and damaging sun rays. Available in a range of colors, each cover incorporates zigzag stitching to ensure the most precise, glove-like fit.

Satin Stretch Indoor Car Cover  

Sometimes storing your Fiat 500 in a garage is not enough to completely protect its exterior from damage. These indoor car covers provide an extra layer of protection against dust and accidental scratches. Made from satin material, special lycra yarns, and a fleece liner, these car covers provide a soft and snug fit.  Easy to install and remove, these breathable covers allow heat and moisture to easily escape. These covers are for indoor use only. They are not weather or rain resistant.

Wind Deflectors for Side Window

These easy to install acrylic deflectors significantly reduce wind noise and prevent rain from entering your Fiat when you have your window open. The deflectors easily install into the window channel, without the use of unsightly tape. Installing a wind deflector will give you a drier, quieter Fiat 500 joyride.

Located in Costa Mesa, California, prides itself in providing stellar customer service. They road and track test all of their performance and tuning parts and meticulously scrutinize to ensure exceptional quality. They are also conveniently located near their main manufacturing supplier to ensure quality. They have a price match guarantee that will meet or beat any competitor’s prices. is also an exclusive distributor for FiatSpeed , specializing in tuning and performance Fiat 500 parts. is your one stop shop for transforming your Fiat 500 into your dream car.

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