Austin Fiat Dealership

Austin Fiat Dealership

For those of you in the central Texas area, there is now a full-featured Fiat 500 dealership open for business here in Austin, TX! According to the Austin Business Journal, Nyle Maxwell (of Maxwell Chrysler), secured the rights to build the first and only Fiat dealership in Austin. The newly opened dealership features “a boutique-style showroom similar to those of dealerships in trendy parts of Europe, home to Fiat’s headquarters in Torino, Italy”. The showroom is located in the Domain in north Austin, directly across from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Be sure to visit for more information, including hours and directions.

My wife and I visited the showroom this weekend and we were both impressed. The entire space is very large, with lots of different features. There are multiple displays for FIAT merchandise, including clothes, belts, watches, and toy cars. We even spotted the Barbie FIAT in one of their glass offices! They have an internet cafe and lounge area, which I’m sure will get used while people are waiting for their paperwork to process. There is a wall with samples of all the different colors on the actual metal of the car. Below that is a touchscreen that allows you to customize the entire build-out of your Fiat 500.

The real star of the showroom is a long ramp, called the “Milan Runway”, which leads out of a spinning stand that will hold your Fiat 500 when you come in to receive it. All in all, it’s a pretty cool space and I was surprised to see it up and running, which makes it only the second Fiat dealership in all of America! Checkout the video below to see how this stage was constructed.

Matt, the salesman at the front desk, and the same guy who let us take their one and only Fiat 500 Sport for a test drive last month, said that they will have their first real models by early next week! The first ones will of course be the Prima Edizione pre-orders, but they should have the regular Pops, Sports, and Lounges shortly after that.

Check out the video below to see how Fiat and Maxwell Chrysler think the 500 will fit into Austin culture.