AUTOart Diecast Models

Can I interest you in a $115 Lamborghini Reventon? Or how about a $140 Lexus LFA? One way to own the car of your dreams, is to buy a 1:18 scale version. You probably won’t fit into the car, but at least you can stare longingly at it all day. You can even open the doors or push it around like you were driving!

While I’ve always known about diecast cars and even owned a few in my lifetime, I’ve never seen such high quality as the models made by AUTOart. The attention to detail in each of their products is astounding and really transforms these from toys into works of art. Little museum pieces for your office or garage.

Below are some examples of their work:

AUTOart Signature 1/18 Lexus LFA: Whitest White

This gorgeous matte black Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV is only available for pre-order.

You can see the level of detail on even the interiors of these diecast models.

Specifically, you may be interested in the Fiat 124 Spider they make:

For more models, check out their selection on Amazon, or go to their website. Unfortunately they don’t make a Fiat 500 (yet), but if you’re desperate, there are a couple alternatives. Like this 2008 Fiat Abarth 500 1/18 Diecast Car Model by Bburago, or this 2008 Fiat 500 1/24 Red.