The Driver: Book Review

Have you ever heard of Gumball 3000? If you’re a fan of sports cars, you probably have. Just watch this video for a sample of some of the amazing cars in this cross-country high-speed rally:

Basically once a year a bunch of uber-rich, adrenaline junkies take their super-cars across country (or countries in Europe and elsewhere), as fast as possible, only stopping to drink and party. Although its not an official race, many treat it as one and try their hardest to come in first. Alex Roy, head of team Polizei is probably the most interesting of those types who takes a more unconventional but very strategic approach to the rally. The Driver is his book, a first hand account of his many years in the rally and is a very exciting read. I heartily recommend it for anyone who is a fan of cars, racing, or living dangerously!