Fiat Abarth Spy Shots and Specs

Fiat Abarth Spy Shots and Specs

The Fiat 500 Abarth has been spotted in Holly, Michigan by Fiataly and they’ve been nice enough to post the photos on their Facebook. Check out the album for more pictures.

According them the car comes with 160 HP stock, about 10 less than we’d hoped, but they will be offering a 200 HP “tuner option”! That’s an extra 40 HP, which I think a lot of people will get at the dealer, at least until some cheaper aftermarket options can match the output.

They apparently spoke to a Fiat engineer, who had this to say about the car:

Actually, they are scheduled to be released in February of 2012. I spoke with the Engineer driving this beauty. He loves the boost (boost gauge is on the left hand side of the speedo and goes as high as 14 PSI) and said for a daily driver, he recommends getting this car with 16″ wheels. The car pictured was equipped with 17″ wheels and he said they will shake the teeth out of your head if you drive it daily.

This is extremely exciting news! Stay tuned for more information, especially after the official release at this years LA Auto Show.