The Abarths are coming!

The Abarths are coming!

This is a guest post by one of our own readers, James T. Baker.

Are you still wondering if the Fiat 500 Abarth is really coming to the US? Of course it’s coming! Italian style and speed lovers rejoice!

The Fiat 500 Abarth can’t get here soon enough. We need a car with the character and speed to blow the doors off all those silly Minis and Smart Cars – anyone else tired of seeing them? Once the Fiat “salons” are up and running, they will need another model to compliment their excellent 500.

Of course it’s coming! But looking further into the future, assuming Fiat’s continued success, what would be the next model for them to bring across the Atlantic?

The Next Abarth

The Fiat Punto Evo is the next logical choice to join the 500 in those fabulous Fiat salons. Larger than the 500, stylish (penned by Giugiaro), and with a multitude of engine choices, this is the car Americans will gobble up like buttered popcorn. With looks like an Italian supermodel, and more bling than an LA rapper, the guys who thought their girlfriends look cute in the 500 will have a Fiat for themselves.

Of course it’s coming!

Guys, the Abarth Grande Punto will be the one to have. With 150 turbo powered horses, or 170 in the very special Abarth SS, propelling that gorgeous Italian chassis, your Fiat will be welcome at any gathering of West Coast Ferraris; and probably generate more conversation than any of them. Small and agile, the Abarth Grande Punto will hang on to a Ferrari’s tailpipes through those canyon curves like a pitbull on a mailman’s leg.

So, let the girls have their fun, putting Swarovsky crystals on their Fiat 500 Pop. They will look fabulous cruising through Beverly Hills. We want the Abarths. Write your congressman, beg your banker, petition the Pope, pray to the allmighty automotive gods above; do ALL YOU CAN!

We American Men need the Abarths!