The Fiat 500 Aftermarket

For some car enthusiasts (myself included), the best part of owning a car is putting your own special touch on it by customizing it with aftermarket parts. Most popular, sporty cars have a large market of upgradeable parts that either increase performance or add unique styling. The Fiat 500 may be new, but the aftermarket is already shaping up to be no exception.

Whether you’ve already got a Fiat 500 Pop, Sport, or Lounge, or you’re eagerly awaiting the Abarth or Abarth 500c, there are a number of places to choose from that are offering aftermarket accessories.


Open since May 2011, HotFiat focuses on sport tuning performance parts and unique custom accessories, only for the Fiat 500. From their website:

We test every product we sell on our personal Fiat 500s, and in July, we’re road testing the first items in our line of FiatSpeed Sport Tuning Parts.

You can check out all their parts on their website, or call 831-241-4144, or email


500 Madness

You remember that sexy red/black Fiat photoshoot I posted awhile back? Well that was a customized 500 from 500 Madness. Opened in southern California in 2010, they are also focused on the Fiat 500. They have a great selection of aftermarket wheels just for the Fiat 500, as well as all the other performance parts you could be looking for. They also have a fairly busy forum for Fiat 500 fans (be sure to check out the Abarth sub-forum), where you can see a lot more pictures and discussions of their products.


Road Race Motorsports

While not solely focused on the Fiat 500, this sport tuning company has been building and racing custom cars for years. They’ve recently entered into the Fiat 500 market and are offering a number of different custom parts. Of note are their stage 1, 2, an 3 custom Sportivo kits. Depending on the stage you pick, they come with Eibach lowering sprints, a tuned Corsa intake and exhaust, a “camber kit”, a custom side stripe graphic, and more. These kits are a great way to get that Abarth feeling, without waiting for the real thing.

Check out our full review of Road Race Motorsports!


As we already know, the official tuning arm of Chrysler, Mopar, will be offering aftermarket parts for the Fiat 500. No idea of when these parts will be available for purchase, but stay tuned. Check out the official Mopar store for more up to date information on which products they are offering.