March Mailbag: Part 2

With the Abarth soon to be on dealer lots, the questions keep rolling in!

Which fuel grade is recommended for the 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth, Premium or Regular Unleaded ? Is it the same for the standard models?  Thanks! – Frank V

87 octane is officially listed as “acceptable”, but 91 octane is “recommended” for the Abarth.

When abarth is available with auto transmission, I will sell my mini and get the Abarth. – Lawrence Y

You are not the only one: Abarth 500 transmission

Will the #FIAT500 hitch mount bike rack be available on the Abarth? (Roof racks are soooo ugly) – @smlawrence

i am looking into a bike rack to hold my bike and was wondering if you could tell me the prices and any information on them for me please.  thanks – beth r

Mopar will be offering two bike carriers: roof-mounted for about $515 and hitch-mounted for about $300. Click for more details on Fiat 500 Mopar accessories.

How big is the trunk? Can I put a bag of golf clubs in the trunk? – Corvo lists the cargo space, with seats in place, at 9.5 cubic feet and the maximum cargo capacity at 30 cubic feet. I think you should be able to fit your golf clubs just fine.

German tuner company G-Tech does a number of kits for the 500 Abarth.  When the Abarth is available in the US dealerships, will one be able to get G-Tech kits put on their cars?  I ask this because at 160hp, I am not sure the 500 Abarth can compete with the Mini Cooper JCW and many consumers (including myself) will want to modify thier 500s. – Andy C

While I can’t speak for G-Tech specifically (you’ll have to contact G-Tech directly), there will definitely be multiple options for kits and other upgrades for the Fiat 500 Abarth. Chrysler will be offering access to performance parts through their official tuning program: Mopar. I have covered several other aftermarket tuners that are already offering parts for the Fiat 500 and will have parts for the Abarth soon after it is available for sale.

There is also a 200hp “Venom” edition of the 500 Abarth that Fiat has hinted at. Stay tuned for more details on that model.