March Mailbag

I get a lot of email about the Abarth and sometimes it becomes difficult to answer them all in a timely manner. Most of the questions are very similar though, so I think publishing my answers could be useful to a lot of people. So here is my first ever mailbag. These are real emails from real readers and my answers to them.

What is the closest dealer Wichita Kansas USA? – Keith M.

You’re in luck, there’s a FIAT studio in Wichita: FIAT of Wichita. Hopefully they’ll the Abarth. I would contact them directly. For anyone else who is looking for a FIAT dealership, you can use the handy Find a Studio tool on the official FIAT website.

The Fiat 500 Abarth is Beautiful.  I have a great idea.  Why don’t you send me an Abarth and a life size cardboard image of Catrinel (for the passenger seat).  I could drive around town and surly be noticed.  Great advertsing plan!! Or you could send me a really nice picture of Catrinel because I once owned a 128 Rally Coupe!!  Just asking. – Bill T.

Bill, although I think you have a future in marketing, you’ll have to wait for the Abarth like everyone else. You’re welcome to make a life size cardboard cutout of a Catrinel Menghia photo on your own though!

Is there plans for the Abarth to come with a automatic? – Ron M.

I wish I could tell you for sure, but I just don’t know at this point. Although many people have already complained about the Fiat Abarth transmission being manual only, I don’t think FIAT will add an auto option until the manual has proven successful. If it starts selling in decent numbers, I would not be surprised to see them add an automatic option as well as a convertible.

I would like to know the price of the Abarth Maserati, when it will be available in the US and if it will with automatic transmission?  Thank you. – Treva

So would I Treva! The 695 Tributo Maserati is a beautiful looking Abarth and I hope they start selling those, along with the Ferrari Tributo here in the States, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Both are limited editions and as such, are built to exact specifications, which does not include the increased safety standards they would need to comply with here the U.S. Keep an eye on the Abarth Specialties website for more news on these and other special editions.

That’s all the emails I have for today. Stay tuned for more answers next week!