Charlie’s Island: Introducing the Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio

Charlie’s Island: Introducing the Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio

There are no rules on Charlie’s Island … or tops.

The video opens with Charlie Sheen circling around his tiny, private tropical island, in his FIAT 500 Abarth cabriolet. The island itself is equipped only with Charlie, the Abarth, a lone palm tree and two long-haired, beautiful mermaids.

The imagery does leave you hunting around to see where Charlie stashes the booze on his private island. Is it behind the palm tree? In the trunk of the cabrio? Buried in the sand with his other treasures?

The girls are clad in gold bikini tops with a seashell motif and a few strands of pearls. The whole “outfit” is color-coordinated with their golden fishtails. Before he utters his single line about tops (or the absence thereof), Charlie shows how easily the top folds down with the push of a button. He then swiftly removes both girls’ tops in one clever, cheeky, engaging motion. Only Charlie himself could pull this off, leaving the girls giggling and blushing.

This is an adorable way to introduce the new FIAT cabrio. It is a clever use of the double entendre. If you don’t see the top of the car sliding down as Charlie circles the island (and this may take two or more views of the video), then the reference to nothing on the island having tops brings the point home.

It is a very clever campaign and choosing Charlie as their “poster boy,” the car is immediately blessed with a supercool image.

You will want to sell your current car just to by the Abarth cabrio on the basis of the cute commercials alone. Other engaging videos in this series show:

Actress and model Catrinel Menghia lazing on the beach while a scorpion uses his claws to snip the back of her bikini top. “Bold, wicked and now topless,” is the slogan.

A man imagining that the car is seductive actress Catrinel Menghia.

Charlie is whizzing around a mansion full of party guests in the Abarth. He does this without disturbing a single knicknack on a shelf or even disturbing the ice in anybody’s drink. Here, Charlie “loves being under house arrest,” and asks Catrinel what he gets for good behavior.