Justin Saiki has created a Fiat 500 Abarth worthy of StanceNation. His scorpion features a quad-exhaust, air suspension, and those beautiful Avant Garde wheels.

Fiat 500 Abarth on Avant Garde wheels

The Interior

The automobile features racing seats that were manufactured by Bride Stradia, and the sides of each seat provide protectors that are made of leather. The interior also contains a customized harness bar that was created by 500 Madness and has particularly comfortable shoulder pads.

The car’s shifter is made of metal and is surrounded by a thick boot that features high-quality leather. The knob of the shifter was created by Blox and contains polished chrome.

The Vehicle’s Exterior

A section of the car’s front bumper and the side skirts are made of carbon fiber, and the owner also installed a three-piece diffuser that was manufactured by using the reinforced polymer. Moreover, the vehicle features a three-part wing that has tips with matching colors.

Side markers that were created by Klearz have been added to the front and to the back of the automobile, and a small antenna has been installed. The car’s headlights are equipped with a conversion kit that substantially augments the operator’s view at night. According to testimonials from many customers, these aftermarket headlights generally last for a much longer period of time than the original bulbs.

The automobile features a front deflector that was manufactured by Mopar. This device can improve the car’s aerodynamics substantially when the vehicle is traveling more quickly than 50 miles per hour.

Performance And Wheels

The car’s aftermarket intercooler will pump a much larger amount of cold air into the engine than the original component. Due to the fact that cold air is substantially denser than hot air, the engine will be able to generate more horsepower while using a relatively low amount of fuel. Justin also added a cold air intake that can augment the throttle’s power and increase the density of the incoming air by 9.7 percent.

The wheels are 17″x8.5″ Avant Garde F130 three-piece wheels. They are forged aluminum with a step lip. A golden finish has been added to the edge of every wheel, and the exterior of each rim features a green tone and numerous types of flakes.

Oh and that air suspension? Here’s the details from StanceNation:

a set of BC Coilover fitted with a UAS Bag system. Bag over coil setups are a very cost-effective way to set a suspension up, especially if you already have a decent set of coilovers. Accuair management w/eLevel allows for Justin to adjust ride height with ease. The Accuair eLevel system is a must have if you are on air.

Avant Garde F130 on Fiat 500 Abarth

Avant Garde F130 on Fiat 500 Abarth

Avant Garde F130 on Fiat 500 Abarth